The size of the real estate brokerage office that handles your
purchase has no effect on the transaction. Also whether
or not the office has a famous franchised name
What is important is the ability and
success record of the individual agent with
whom you contract to represent you.


Allow me to represent you with your purchase

I promise you

  • I will never be late for an appointment.
  • I will always be prepared
  • I will always be good natured
  • I will always keep your goals in mind
  • I will speak on your behalf only if you have approved the content of what I say
  • I will listen to you and listen to the other parties in the transaction
  • I will never tell you what to think
  • I will tell you what I think

Until I began hiring employees, I though being on time and being prepared are so basic they should not need to be mentioned in a promise to perform. Not so. You will never hear me use the word "we" when I am speaking with with other parties about your transaction. Oddly the last item is the hardest thing to do, to somehow impart my experience to you in a manner where the end result simply opens up the opportunity for more choices for you.