I am proud to be a King County MRC

Master recyclers are taught the ins and outs of recycling in order to teach others.
Of all the chemists, engineers, geologists who taught us about garbage, my favorite
is Lisa Sepanski . Goodwill takes our old tv's and monitors because of the efforts of
this woman. She parlayed her project from King County to Washington state and
now to many US states. I am all for spending some of the arts money on a brick
lined Lisa Sepanski plaza with a bronze statue of her sitting atop a stallion.



Computer Monitors and TV's: take these to the Goodwill on Sunset Blvd

Styrofoam - garbage can or a 24 hour dump box on the west side of Ikea

Non working washer or dryer or range: free drop off disposal at Independent Metals Recycling 747 South Monroe Street, Seattle

Mercury light bulbs: most hardware stores have collection boxes at the entry doors. McLendon is charging $.15 a foot for florescent bulbs. Pictured below is Lowe's at the Landing, recycling cart located to the left of the return desk


Car tires. Renton dump will accept one tire in each dump load.

Anything reusable like furniture, paint, etc.. Craigs List has a free section. People will come to your house and pick up just about anything.

Working old Refrigerator. Call Puget Sound Energy 425 454 2000, they are picking them up and will give you $10.

Non Working Refrigerator. Not free Big Haul Junk Removal 877-770-4285. The state of art Shoreline transfer station takes refers for $25.00. Shoreline also has a special bin for bicycle and bicycle parts.

Hours for the Renton Transfer Station:
Mon-Fri 7:30 AM to 5PM;
Sat/Sun 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
Closed Christmas and New Years

The Blue Recycle Binblue bin

The Emerald green garbage cans, most common mistakes:

The Yard Waste Bins, most common mistakes:

Plastic ware with a brown ring that reads Cedar Grove Compostable, it means it has tested to break down in their composting process. This stuff goes in your yard waste bin.