high heel

The tallest of the four women above is the famous Babe Didrickson Zaharius. Photographed either at the Tacoma County & Golf Club or Allenmore in 1935, Babe was good buds with the woman to her right, Mrs. Dewey Busch, a Tacoma athlete and woman golfer.

TWGA is the Tacoma Womens Golf Association., WSWPLA is Washington State Womens Public Links Assn. GSWPGA is Greater Seattle Womens Public Golf Assn. All three of these groups were organized prior to 1950 by women as a venue for competitive women's golf. All three are volunteer run.

mp at sun countrySome parts of the U.S. do not have a single group like this. We have three. I am the webmaster for all three groups, in addition I am the newsletter editor for the Riverbend Ladies Golf Association. That's me in the orange hat. My current handicap is 9.7. One of my golfing friends earned a berth to the 2010 Women's Senior Nationals in Florida -she was one of the 225 of the best women golfers over the age of fifty in the U.S. If she can do it, so can I. Maybe next year. How do I have time to sell real estate and play golf? The more you do the more you can do.