At the Beanery

Karol Jackson dragged me to my first jazzercise class with Marlene, at the Beanery. Except when I have had injuries I have somehow found the time to get to at least a couple Jazzercise classes a week for more than twenty five years. I inserted this page into my web site thinking that perhaps my words will encourage someone else to come, or, come back to Jazzercise.

From time to time, I invite people to come to a class with me. Sometimes they come, most of the time they don't. I love to dance so jazzercise is more fun than work. Yet, I confess that sometimes it is isn't always all that easy to get there. You just simply have to do it. You always feel better after class than before.

Jazzercise is going to help me stay in good enough shape to earn a berth in the most prestigious senior women's golf tournament in the U.S. where most of the participants have been playing golf all their lives and are 20 years my junior. When I am doing a triplet I concentrate on making that turn with my hips because that is what you do in the golf swing. I wonder if there are 100 people "en el mundo" that will understand this next concept...of my mental kinesiothetic rambling...While I am Jazzercisng I mentally and maybe even physically tie the movement in my elbows to my knees, because that is what you do in the golf swing.