In 2011 there were several minor changes to the Landlord Tenant Law.

1. You are required to give every signatory to the lease a separate copy (both husband and wife, etc.)

2. You must provide at least one free copy of the agreement to each tenant upon request.

Link to the Landlord Tenant law.

Property Management Fees:

7 mile radias from my office
For the monthly management of your house or apartment building I charge 10% of the monthly rental rate.

What do I do for all this money?

For renting a house or an apartment I charge one months rent.

It is not necessary that I do both.

If a client has a vacant house or unit, the first thing I do every morning is assess what needs to be done to get a good tenant. When I have an inquiry about a vacancy, if at all possible, I make an appointment to show starting with the phrase, "How about right now?" Just one reason why I only manage property within a 5 mile radius of my office. The early bird can snatch up that good tenant before another landlord has a chance at them.

I know exactly what you want... a tenant who pays their rent on time, maintains the property, never calls with problems and finally a tenant that never moves.