Rooster has a degree too!

My dog is a smart cookie and a champion frisbee retriever.
With one in his mouth, he can catch a second one.
He can carry as many as 8 frisbees at one time.



I earned my real estate license in 1973 and my brokers license in 1975. I find myself spending a month each year in a classroom; the most difficult classes are those that sometimes do not qualify for real estate continuing education hours. The master recycler was about forty hours of class time alone. H & R Block's tax class was extremely time consuming and difficult, yet a broker needs to know how real estate ownership specifically affects federal tax liability.

Learning another language is keeping my brain nimble and walking 18 a couple days works the same magic on my stamina.

The tabs on the right give evidence that I am sufficiently educated and sufficiently experienced to represent you.

I learned my work ethic young. None of my friends or brothers or sisters worked as much as I did or were involved in as many extra curricular activities. It was so long ago I don't really remember why; I guess I liked to be busy then and I like to be busy now.